Earn Money by Trading your Time and Knowledge using this Android App

After reviewing Experty’s whitepaper, I have concluded that this is a very solid project that will change the blockchain industry and the way we use technology as a whole. experty Experty is a voice and video application, which allows experts in their field to monetize their time and knowledge on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is an application that allows voice/video calls to be monetized without an upfront payment. By standardizing the digital consultations market, Experty will allow knowledge providers to be able to set a by-the- minute rate, and through the Ethereum blockchain, charges are accrues during the call, and instantly settled at the end of the call. It’s a decentralized app where experts can share their Experty contact link wherever they want, such as discussion boards, Linkedin profiles, Instagram, YouTube , and Twitter. For example, if someone who is a Crypto currency Expert like Ian Balina, wants to get paid to give Crypto tips, he can just post his Experty link (with his price per minute) under his Twitter profile. A user will load up their Experty wallet, click the link, and start getting Crypto advice from Ian Balina for $5/minute (or whatever Ian’s rate is.) The team is a group of seasoned industry professionals, and their advisory board is top notch.