Fastest Internet Speed in the World

fastest internet speed in the world

10. Finland

The Finland population uses the internet at 17.7 Mbps on average. Ministry of Transport and Communication provides every Finnish citizen with at least 1 MBPS of internet connection in 2010. You can send emails, watch low quality video streams at this speed.

9. Czech Republic

The Internet in Czech Republic runs at 17.8 Mbps with a recent 31% increase. This speed beats the average speed in the united states.

Czech Republic Internet speed
netherlands internet speed

8. The Netherlands

The average internet speed in the Netherlands is 17.9 Mbps. The country claims it has the highest internet users in the European Union

7. Japan

Japanese users enjoy an average speed of 18.2 Mbps. It is run through Fiber optic cables.This technology with allow simultaneous use of the internet without experiencing buffering. Several people can stream Netflix, browse on devices and play video games with an uninterrupted experience.

internet speed japan
latvia internet speed

6. Latvia

Latvia’s average internet speed is about 18.3 Mbps. This is three times quicker than the international average.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland’s internet average speed is 18.5 Mega bits per second with a 25% increase – Bravo!.

switzerland internet speed
Hong Kong Internet Speed

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s High end internet speed was the first to reach 60 Mbps. They have an average speed of 19.9 Mbps.

3. Sweden

Sweden’s average is 20.6 Mbps. Their population hardly faces any buffering. They are surfing on a high internet bandwidth.

sweden internet speed
norway internet speed

2. Norway

Norway grew at 68% internet speed reaching an average of 21.3 Mbps. One can download 4 mp3 tracks simultaneously in 1 second with this speed.

1. South Korea

South Korea is number one on the the Top ten list. Their internet average speed is measured at 29 Mbps by Akami report. This is 4 times faster than the world’s average.

south korea internet speed