How do I Know if my Computer has a Virus

Most of our customers ask that popular question – How do I Know if my Computer has a Virus? Well, there are few signs to show that you are under attack. We have prepared this to advise on what to do if this happens. They are not guaranteed techniques but they have been proofed to work over and over again. How-do-I-Know-if-my-Computer-has-a-Virus

Computer Virus infection signs

  1. Your Computer starts running slow
  2. You can hear the CPU Fan constantly running because of Processor bottle-neck
  3. You constantly get Spammy Pop ups asking you to make a credit card payment on startup
  4. Your default browser search engine has been replaced with an unfamiliar one
  5. The web pages you look at are filled with coupon and annoying ads
  6. Your desktop background has been replaced by a background that can’t be changed
It might be time to take your PC to the shop if it is infected to the point where is shows the following symptoms mentioned above. We offer Computer Virus and Spyware removal services. Call (770) 622-1223 now to receive a repair estimate our prices are affordable. We will have your system running like new again. Your bank account and email information could be compromised if you keep using an infected computer. Please act fast!!


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