Popcorn Time Temp Folder Windows

Searching for the Popcorn time temp folder Windows or in the Apple Mac OS. Try this folder directory users/{username}/Downloads/PopcornTime. This folder structure is quite the same in Windows 7/8/10 Operating systems.
  1. This folder can be found by clicking on the gear icon (settings) in the program
  2. Look under the Downloads section area
  3. Copy the folder path under Cache Folder
  4. Paste in the the folder explorer address bar in Windows or Finder bar in Mac
  5. or even better just click on the open folder link
  6. It should review all the temporary Movie files download by the program
Some other articles claim that you could pull it up through the terminal command line in mac. By typing open $TMPDIR/Popcorn-Time. I tried that but it didn’t work for me. popcorn-time We were trying to watch a show on the program but our internet bandwidth was unstable. The audio was choppy and the video kept pausing every few seconds. This experiences was annoying. I figured watching the movie file directly would be a better choice. You have to let the program download the file completely and this will take some time. Another thing – when I located the file it had an mkv extension and only VLC player would open it on my computer.

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn time is a Movie and TV Show Torrent streaming app. You are required to download the app and use it in your computer or Cell Phone. It streams videos directly in your computer and allows you to bypass the process of going to dangerous sites to download the files individually. Those sites usually have pop ups and install dangerous Spyware and Malware in your computer which later turn into viruses.