What to do if your email is hacked

Virtually everybody has had this  occur, you get a text message or an email from somebody and so they say “you’ve been hacked”.  You start to panic and marvel how this incidence happened YOU!?!?

What to do if your email is hacked! ….Nicely, listed below are the primary steps you must take:
1) Go to a completely different pc than the one you own or use (a phone or tablet will do) and instantly change your password.  Ensure you combine in a pinch “Capital Letters”  and a  some “particular characters”   For instance if you needed to use “johnny82703” as your password makes use of “J0hnny&27o3” as an alternative.

The need for the necessities of these characters in addition to capital letters and numbers is so that bot software programs that randomly guess or “brute force” your password, can have a hard time figuring out your password if you have got it secured correctly.  If your password is “password”, well, it will not take that long for a bot to hack that password.

2) Ensure that your Anti-Virus is up to date and that your laptop or desktop computer is running like it should.
3) Should you notice that your pc IS performing unusual and desires some consideration,Contact us at Computer Five Repair(770) 622-1223 Our diagnostic malware software  Allows us to test it out. We provide reasonably priced flat price pricing on Virus Removals, and Pc Restore
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