Why I am investing In GEMS

Gems is one very interesting project cofounded by two brothers.Gems will revolutionize the way contracting workers perform micro tasks by leveraging the incentive mechanisms that block chain technology provides. They are promising to remove the need for exploitative organizations that reduce how much profit hard working people make, while providing little value for their service.Gems will reduce the fees that companies like Crowdflower are charging. Gems Gems is a revolutionary concept that could change the landscape of the distributed internet workforce going into the future. This shows how huge the potential of Blockchain technology is, and lets works stake tokens in order to prove validity of their tasks. Blockchain technology as a whole, is paving the way for disrupting technologies worldwide and projects like Gems will help bring that change, where we less rely on centralized governance and more rely on decentralized trust based systems that are fair for the people doing all the hard work. I’m looking forward to the Gems product launch.