Computer Screen Repair Atlanta

Searching for Computer Screen Repair Atlanta? Call Computer Five at (770) 622-1223. We repair Cracked or broken Laptop Screens for Popular brands. This includes: Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Gateway, Samsung, IBM, Lenovo, Apple Macbook and so on. Please Call ahead of time to schedule a repair appointment. We will need the brand and model number of your Tablet, Cell Phone or Laptop to provide a repair estimate.

You will be required to describe the extent of the Computer Screen damage. There might be some additional damages done to your Computer after it has been dropped or stepped on. This can include broken Screen cover, hinges or plastic Bezel.

We do not repair or replace cracked screens for Desktop Monitors or All-in-One Computers at the Moment.

Laptop Computer Touch Screen Repair

Computer Screen Repair Atlanta

Some Laptop Computers these days are high tech and come with a Touch Screen panel in front. This Touch Screen panel protects the inner LCD screen most times after the computer has been dropped. The customer will still be able to use the Laptop Computer but will not be able to use the Touch Panel. The Damaged Touch panel might give the mouse function a mind of its own. The cracked glass will reduce visibility in some cases. The Touchscreen Parts come it different sizes and are unique to most Brand models. Please call us to check for availability before booking an appointment.

Macbook Laptop Screen Repair

Computer Screen Repair Atlanta

We offer Cracked Screen Repair service for most Apple Macbook Laptops. Please provide the Model Number (“A” Number) for your Macbook, Macbook Air or Macbook pro over the phone to check for availability. The Model number can be located at the bottom of the Laptop. It is written in fine prints most time and can be difficult to read out for older folks.